More about cittaslow….

Way back on 9th March, 6 GPG members went to a presentation on Cittaslow. We arrived with open minds and left full of enthusiasm and hope.  

Cittaslow as presented by Jan Kearns, a town councillor from Mold where cittaslow has taken root, came across as a movement that might be just the ticket for  Penarth!

The  Cittaslow emphasis is on regeneration rather than modernisation; on development that is sensitive to tradition and history;  and is supportive of local enterprise.  Residents, visitors and people who work in a Cittaslow town are encouraged to make the most of what the town and the locality have to offer; the idea is to maximise on the quality of local life and raise awareness across the community  of every aspect of the town’s heritage and history – and future.

For GPG the good news is that  we could support nearly all of the 50 Cittaslow goals – many of which focus on the environment and reducing carbon emissions.

Our town council has now agreed to go a step further and set up a group that could take Cittaslow forward.   I hope that we will be in the thick of this exciting venture.   If you want to know more look at &

As ever, comments welcome!    Tricia

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