Solar power for home and community… Open meeting

Join us to find out all about solar electricity (or photovoltaics or PV)Solar PV panels in place on the roof of a house.

  • The potential for your own roof
  • Things you should know if considering putting PV panels on your own roof.
  • The potential for a Solar Co-op (This would let people share ownership of a PV system on for example a school roof and get a good return on their investment. )

Thursday, 1st September, 2011, 6pm in The Windsor Arms. All welcome!

For your own roof

  • What is involved
  • Is your roof suitable?
  • What it might cost
  • What maintenance is needed
  • What money you can make back from free electricity
  • What money you can make from Feed in Tariff (FIT) payments
  • What money you can make from selling electricity to the grid
  • Issues with insurance and selling your house
  • Energy and CO2 payback times
  • Picking an installer and what panels to install

For the Solar Co-op

  • Examples of working energy co-ops
  • What a Solar Co-op could mean for Penarth
  • Legal structure
  • Community shares issues and dividend payments
  • Choice of roof
  • how larger scale systems compare with smaller ones
  • Where we are now
  • What next

Questions and discussion….

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