Have a very Green Christmas!

Top Tips for a guilt-free celebration…

  1. Shop In Penarth
  2. Concerned about using wrapping paper? – try making your own paper bags from newspaper, wrapping in fabric or second-hand scarves, or re-usable evergreenwrap.com 
  3. Presents?  Check out Eco Home Centre, Canton www.ecohomecentre.co.uk (2037 3094). Try local craftspeople www.madeinpenarth.co.uk
  4. Trees – plastic or real?  Look at www.fairwindonline.com (trees, decorations & gifts)
  5. Defrost the freezer before Christmas – saves energy.
  6. Leave the car at home for 1 day during the holiday and turn the TV off for just one day.
  7. Eat a little less meat (preferably reared and  bought locally).
  8. Avoid buying bottled water.
  9. Recycle all your Christmas waste.
  10. Switch to a green energy supplier.
  11. Boxing Day – wake up and congratulate yourself  for  having done something positive about Climate Change.

New Year’s Resolution?    Think of a green one and add it below.

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