Harvest Penarth 2012

Why waste free food?
Every year our streets & gardens are full of unharvested fruit. Perhaps the trees are too big, the people too busy, the supermarket too easy…
Why not harvest and share this unwanted fruit?
Following a successful and bountiful launch last year GPG are very excited to be running Harvest Penarth again in 2012.
Harvest Penarth is a Gwyrddio Penarth Greening project that collects and shares the unharvested fruit found all over our town.
Fruit is shared amongst tree owners, harvest volunteers and the local community. Damaged fruits are turned into juice, preserves, jams and chutneys
We are looking for tree owners with too much fruit or too little time who want help with their harvest and volunteers to help with mapping and harvesting the trees.
Harvest Penarth is based on the Abundance model that first launched in Sheffield in 2007  and which has since spread across the UK with Abundance schemes in Leeds, Manchester and many other towns and cities. Similar fruit share schemes have become popular across Europe and North America
We hope to bring together people with an abundance of fruit with willing harvesters and community groups that could make real use of this surplus.
In addition to being a provider of free food we hope that the scheme will help raise awareness of issues such as food miles and the food industry’s impact on the environment.
GPG will again be holding a community Apple Day event towards the end of the harvest season.
To register your interest as either a tree owner or a volunteer harvester please contact as.penarth@gmail.com or telephone 07810334762

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