About GPG

Gwyrddio Penarth Greening is a group of volunteers with an interest in our local community; we want to raise awareness of environmental issues and find ways that we can take local action on climate change and live more sustainable lives. We do this through coordinating and supporting engagement with a range of projects to make a difference in Penarth.

We aim to be a voice in Penarth on environmental matters and we work with other local and national groups such as Keep Wales Tidy, Penarth Civic Society and Tree Forum. Over the last ten years, GPG has

  • established the successful Shop Penarth scheme,
  • created a community orchard in Cosmeston and organised a local food festival and Apple Days,
  • drawn attention to plastic pollution and worked with local businesses, local schools and the public as part of a Plastic Free Penarth campaign,
  • developed the Access Penarth scheme which, along with the County council, worked on improved access for wheelchair users in our town.

GPG works to raise awareness of climate issues, and supports a number of other local practical projects such as the Penarth Repair Café and, during the pandemic, a repair service. We have recently applied for funding from National Resources Wales to open a lending ‘library of things’ in Penarth.

We hope that by raising awareness of the importance of the environment and by offering local solutions in which the community can engage, we can support sustainable community development wherever practical and possible.

For a full version of GPG’s aims and objectives, see the GPG constitution.

How is GPG organised?

GPG is a not for profit, voluntary organisation which is run by a Management Committee. We are a registered charity, and have recently have recently applied to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). Current members of the Committee are:

  • Gideon Calder (chair)
  • Tony Cooke (treasurer)
  • Chris Loyn
  • Keith Howells
  • Marianna Marchesi
  • Eurgain Powell
  • Katerina Vardulaki
  • representatives from Penarth Youth Action

Members are elected at the AGM. Membership of GPG is free and open to anyone who has read, and accepts the constitution. Maximum membership of the committee is nine.

How do I join GPG?

You are welcome to join us at any of our events and join in with supporting one of our many community projects without joining formally. You can follow our work via our website, Facebook & Twitter pages. 

If you would like to join GPG formally, e.g. to vote at AGMs or take a more active part in ensuring that we are accountable, you will need to become a member. Please read our constitution, where you can complete our Membership application form, or contact us via the website. Membership is free.

Does GPG work with other organisations?

Yes. GPG is keen to work with and alongside any organisations which support our aims. We were delighted to work with local primary schools, Penarth Town Council, the Civic Society and many local “Friends of” groups. 

Is GPG open to all?

Absolutely! GPG is open to the whole Penarth community.

How is GPG funded?

As far as possible GPG only seeks funds for projects where money is absolutely essential. So far, we have received grants from Penarth Town Council, the Co-operative Group, Tidy Towns, Environment Wales and Keep Wales Tidy. We raise small amounts through voluntary collections at meetings, running raffles and small donations.

How does GPG decide on a new project or venture?

Ideas for projects usually come to our attention from direct correspondence or from open meetings the last of which was held in January 2020. At our Penarth 2020 event we heard from more than 100 Penarth residents, including local councillors, teachers and school children, and debated ideas for tackling the climate emergency at the local level.

On the basis of ideas gathered at the event, five projects were set up which we have been progressing. 

  • A Green Directory for Penarth
  • A Library of Things (eg Benthyg)
  • Community renewable energy projects
  • Community growing
  • A book swap scheme

We also very much welcome ideas from the community, so please get in touch if you have any ideas you’d like to share. 


Other Questions:

Does GPG get involved in campaigning on particular issues?

GPG is not a campaigning organisation, but if a particular issue is brought to our attention, particularly if it is of great concern to the environment, we discuss and consider how we could take action appropriately. 

Does GPG take up national climate change campaigns?

Where possible, we will pass on information to people on our email list and put out information via the web site and our GPG facebook page. If a major campaign is planned, we will try to ensure someone from Penarth attends.

Does GPG have any scientific experts among its members/supporters?

Our members are from a wide variety of backgrounds and have their own apolitical views about climate change and sustainability, but all embrace the need to respond both individually and collectively. There are positive steps we can all take to ‘act locally’ whist ‘thinking globally’.

Is GPG linked to any political view or party?

No. GPG is a not party political body, but hope to be able to work alongside our local councillors and politicians for a brighter, greener and more sustainable future.

Are volunteers insured when involved with projects/events?

Yes, GPG is insured.

If you have a question about GPG, contact us at gwyrddio.penarth.greening@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About GPG

  1. Does anyone in Penarth keep bees? I am considering beekeeping and eventually, perhaps. producing Penarth Honey but I would appreciate some realistic advice and a little mentoring if possible.

  2. Thanks for your comment Jane. Anyone who is interested in putting Penarth (or the Penarth area!) on a more sustainable footing is very welcome to join us, and if you can help us get Sully people involved so much the better. Our next meeting is on 14 September at the Windsor pub, Penarth, 6pm. Do come along if you can. In the meantime I’ve passed your details on in relation to tree expertise! best wishes, Jess

  3. Just to let you knaow that I do all my shopping in Penarth but as we are residents of Sully we had not heard of these events taking place. Very dissapointed as I would have certainly come to the meetings. I am a tree surgeon/landscape gardener by trade and have been for the last 20 years or so – I am very keen on people growing their own vegetables etc and have been talking to charitable groups on such issues for many years. Should you wish to extend to Sully or if I may be of any help please just ring or email me and I will only be too happy to come and see what you are doing. thank you Jane

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