Notes from General Meeting Jan 10th 2011

Present: Anthony Slaughter, Catherine Wenger, Russell Jones, Tony Cooke, Tricia Griffiths, Nonn Vaughan (chair) and 26 others. Apologies: Susannah McWilliam Tricia welcomed GPG members and visitors to the meeting. Before handing over to David Johns and James Kerry from the Energy Saving Trust, the following items were covered. FORTHCOMING EVENTS: Monday, 7th February, 6pm inContinue reading “Notes from General Meeting Jan 10th 2011”

Notes from the General Meeting 8th Nov 2010

Present: 22 people attended Apologies: Catherine Wenger, Russell Jones, Tom Bennett, Jess Day, Mary Davies, Angela Davison, Maureen Kelly Owen, Jane Lorimer, Susannah McWilliam Welcome: Tricia extended a warm welcome to everyone and in particular to Cliff Parfitt, a former resident, who was visiting Penarth from Australia. Update: Tricia reported that this had been aContinue reading “Notes from the General Meeting 8th Nov 2010”