20’s Plenty update

20mphFollowing the recent GPG public meeting on lower residential speed limits for Penarth a group of local residents are set to launch a 20’s Plenty for Penarth campaign. The February meeting was well attended by a wide range of Penarth residents and featured a presentation from Rod King, the founder of the national 20’s Plenty for Us campaign.Continue reading “20’s Plenty update”

20’s Plenty for Penarth

A key aim for GPG is to help make Penarth a more environmentally friendly, healthier and safer place to live and work.
T20-Herz-mphOne step that would help in all these areas would be the introduction of a 20mph speed limit in the town centre and residential streets. There has been growing support for this idea nationwide over the last few years and the measure has already been implemented by over 30 local authorities in the U.K with at least another 12 committed to its implementation.Continue reading “20’s Plenty for Penarth”

Car Free Day 2012

On 22nd September, people across the world people from small and large communities will be taking part in Car Free Day events. Here in Penarth, Gwyrddio Penarth Greening (GPG) had been hoping to do something to highlight the benefits of having less traffic on our streets for just one day, but our resources are limited and we have had to postpone this idea until next year. Continue reading “Car Free Day 2012”