Shop in Penarth

Shop in Penarth…. the only local loyalty card scheme of its kind in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Shop in Penarth scheme

A Shop in Penarth (SiP) card, available from participating local businesses, gets you discounts and special offers, as well as the chance to win vouchers in our monthly lottery. Shopping locally has many benefits – now SiP has added a few more.

SiP cards cost £1 (to help cover the costs of the scheme) and can be bought in any of the participating businesses. Look out for the ‘Welcome here’ sticker.

SiP offers/discounts

All the SiP busineShop in Penarth special offer poster - look out for this in participating retailerssses have offers displayed on a SiP poster. View the current Shop in Penarth offers here on the site or check out the posters as you shop locally. We want SiP card holders to get something extra in return for their their loyalty to Penarth’s shops. And by supporting our great local businesses we’re all helping to keep Penarth a special place to live and shop.

£10 vouchers to be won each month…

The great SiP monthly lottery is very simple. At the beginning of every month, vouchers are distributed to 5 of the participating businesses on a random basis. The first person to present their SiP card in each case wins a £10 voucher, which you can use in any SiP retailer. Could you be our next winner?

About the scheme

GPG introduced the SiP card scheme in September 2010 to support the local economy, to encourage loyalty among customers and to help keep Penarth’s shopping areas alive and attractive.

Most importantly, the scheme also helps cut carbon emissions because people are not using their cars to shop out of town.

In its first year, 30 local businesses took part in the scheme and over 1500 cards were sold. After 2 independent evaluations, showing considerable support among retailers and local people, SiP was re-launched in December  2011 with 50 participating retailers, an easy to follow leaflet with a map, and the additional bonus of 5 £10 vouchers to be won each month.

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