Shop in Penarth – FAQ

What does this have to do with climate change?

We believe that a vibrant local economy is vital to a more sustainable future. Making sure that people can get the goods and services they need without travelling long distances by car is an important part of this. SiP is a way of helping local retailers to work together, and of rewarding shoppers for their loyalty and support for their local businesses.

Who runs SiP?

Shop in Penarth was set up by Greening Penarth Gwyrddio, and continues to be organised and run by volunteers.

How is the SiP scheme funded?

All the money raised from the sale of cards goes back into the scheme. The cost of the cards, printing, publicity and the vouchers all comes from SiP sales. From time to time we have specific GPG events at which SiP will be promoted and we are very grateful to the various SiP businesses who provide raffle prizes.

How does SiP help local businesses?

Some businesses get more out of it than others – this is partly due to the nature of what they’re doing, but in most cases, those that promote the scheme, and have eye-catching offers tend to do best. And of course all the businesses benefit from the publicity that is generated through the scheme.

Every month, GPG nominates a particular SiP business for a ‘Green Award’ for something it has done that is either in keeping with GPG’s aims to raise awareness about climate change, or because it has done or contributed something of particular benefit to the community. The Penarth Times carries stories about these awards which we know is a valuable means of promoting a particular business – and the SiP scheme.

Since the scheme started, it has also been good to see how many of the businesses appreciate working together under the SiP umbrella, not least because it provides a way of raising issues of common concern.

How do I keep track of the offers?

Businesses can update their offers monthly. Check the posters in store, bookmark and view our Shop in Penarth current offers (PDF), which will be updated each month, or visit/like the Shop in Penarth facebook page at

Shop in Penarth

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