Ten reasons to shop locally

1 Local shops sell a wide range of products at affordable prices, more of which are likely to be sourced locally.

2 Shopping locally can save money if you take account of travel, parking and customer time.

3 Shopping locally strengthens our communities.

4 Shopping locally retains the distinctiveness of our towns, and local shops
respond more quickly to the needs of the communities they serve.

5 Shopping locally helps the environment – less CO2 emissions from travelling out of town.

6 Shopping locally creates jobs and puts more money back into the local  economy.

7 Local independent shops invest more in our communities – e.g. support for charitable and community events.

8 Local shops are for everyone – most people can get to their local shops. This is important for the elderly, the vulnerable, young people and those without cars. Many shop keepers are a lifeline to people who are lonely and need regular contact with people they get to know and trust, and who depend on the additional attention they get from the local independent shops.

9 Shopping locally is more than just a trip to the shops. It is a chance to meet friends and keep in touch with your community.

10 A vibrant local shopping area saves other services e.g. Post Offices and libraries.


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