Shop In Penarth (SiP) Loyalty Card

Available from 18th September in shops, cafes etc. displaying SiP offers in their windows Cards £1 each Offers from over 30 retailers (lists provided & on this website)   Offers will change periodically and we will do our best to update the list on this site This project is part of GPG’s wider Shop in PenarthContinue reading “Shop In Penarth (SiP) Loyalty Card”

Plotsharers launch – Thurs 13th May 6pm Washington Gallery

The Plot Share scheme is being officially launched on Thursday May 13th at 6pm at the Washington Gallery. All are invited to come along, support the scheme and find out more about sharing gardens. This could be your chance to grow some vegetables or find someone to help make productive use of your unused gardenContinue reading “Plotsharers launch – Thurs 13th May 6pm Washington Gallery”