Notes from the General Meeting 8th Nov 2010

Present: 22 people attended Apologies: Catherine Wenger, Russell Jones, Tom Bennett, Jess Day, Mary Davies, Angela Davison, Maureen Kelly Owen, Jane Lorimer, Susannah McWilliam Welcome: Tricia extended a warm welcome to everyone and in particular to Cliff Parfitt, a former resident, who was visiting Penarth from Australia. Update: Tricia reported that this had been aContinue reading “Notes from the General Meeting 8th Nov 2010”

General Meeting Nov 8th, 6pm Windsor Arms

Update from each of the project groups Loyalty Card Community Orchard Food Group Community Garden Fabric Bags Plot share Sustainable Transport Info and discussion of current topics, including possible recycling event, Christmas Trees , solar panels and opportunities for volunteers. All welcome – hope to see you there.

Shop In Penarth (SiP) Loyalty Card

Available from 18th September in shops, cafes etc. displaying SiP offers in their windows Cards £1 each Offers from over 30 retailers (lists provided & on this website)   Offers will change periodically and we will do our best to update the list on this site This project is part of GPG’s wider Shop in PenarthContinue reading “Shop In Penarth (SiP) Loyalty Card”

Food presentation: minutes of meeting 30/03/10

Present:   Tricia Griffiths (Chair) 7 visitors & 23 others Apologies: Mary Taster, Ramesh Patel, Val Roberts, Alison Norris 1. Introduction to Food topic by Sandy Clubb Covered issues including: The concept of being ‘only 9 meals from anarchy’ i.e. the supermarkets only stock enough food for three days, Buying food from developing countries for exampleContinue reading “Food presentation: minutes of meeting 30/03/10”